Our fight for Workers’ Compensation rights in Austin, Texas 2006 with 120 injured workers.

The program totally changed my life! I was not the most pleasant person during the program but the staff never gave up on me. I am a different person now. I have lost weight and I am so much happier. My outlook on life has improved greatly, and I have CPRC to thank for that.

Roland (Chronic Pain - Pain in limb)

It is all in the attitude! I had support from the doctors, staff and the other patients. I am still friends with some of them today. The experience at the clinic allowed me to begin actually living.....not just watching it go by. Thank you CPRC!

Reba (Chronic Pain - Lumbar Low back)

Thank you everyone (CPRC staff) for giving me my life back.

William (Chonic Pain - Cervical neck pain & Lumbar low back)

You (CPRC) have changed my life from the past four years. Everyone was very prepared to go the extra mile with each patient. Our hope for the future is renewed.

Vera (Chronic Pain - Lumbar low back)

Without this program I would still be sitting at home with the unknowns. Thank you all for the great achievements that helped me progress. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Arnell (Chronic Pain - Lumbar - low back pain...S/P Lumbar L3-4 Fusion)

The staff overwhelmingly does an excellent job.

Donna (Chronic Pain - Cervical (neck) and Lumbar, low back pain)

I really enjoyed the warmth that you and your staff have for myself and other people, I wish more treatment centers were more like yours.

Johnny (Chronic Pain - Lumbar -low back pain - Buldging disc...Left Torn Meniscus)

Thank you for all of the staff for being so helpful.

Claudia (Chronic Pain - Lumbar - low back pain)

I was very satisfied and I got a lot out of the program.

Tessie (Chronic Pain - S/P lamenectomy & fusion L4-5 S1)

The staff at CPRC is great and I will miss all of them.

Tina (Chronic Pain - Lumbar low back)