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Aquatic Therapy

Our Facility

The Chronic Pain Recovery Center has everything you need to get you back to your “comfort zone”.  Our indoor, 14,000 gallon private pool is maintained at a therapeutically warm 95˚F, year-round. Depth ranges from 3-5.5 feet with a gentle slope. A variety of pool equipment is available to incorporate into your treatment. ADA compliant chair lift, changing rooms, a bathroom and rinse off shower are conveniently located in the pool area. The pool size is perfect for 1:1 treatment as well as small group sessions.

What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic Therapy is a specialized type of rehabilitation. It combines the beneficial physical properties of the water with skilled professional intervention to speed your recovery and maximize your outcome.

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Why water works:

-Decreases muscle guarding
-Increases circulation
-Buoyancy allows for assistance as will as resistance with exercise
-Decompresses inflamed joints and discs
-Hydro-static properties of water lessen swelling/edema
-Improved body awareness
-Makes movement FUN!

Who can benefit?

-Acute and Chronic Pain
-Arthritis related conditions including fibromyalgia
-Neck and Back Problems
-Pre and Post surgery
-Neurologic Disorders
-Pre-Post Natal
-MVA or Work Injuries
-Gait and Balance Disorders
-Joint and muscle pain from sports or repetitive daily activities
-Muscle weakness
-Generalized Deconditioning

Emma  Lean PT

Emma graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of London in 1993 and earned her Master’s with a biomechanical and neuro-orthopedic focus soon after. Emma is a specialist in aquatic therapy and is a certified personal trainer through National Personal Training Institute and National Association of Sports Medicine along with being a Stott trained Pilates Instructor. Her passion is in the integration of manual & exercise therapy techniques to enable strong postural control with quality movement and client education. Her aim is to empower every individual to reach their goals and aspirations whether they are for daily living, working, or sports related activities. She is looking forward to working with the CPRC team in offering quality rehabilitation services to anyone who wishes to enjoy life to the max.