Welcome to The Chronic Pain Recovery Center of The Woodlands (CPRC) With a doctor’s referral for assessment and treatment of your pain condition, CPRC can help you learn to manage, cope and effectively control your pain through physical therapy, psychological services and medication management. No one approach, be it physical therapy or psychological counseling, can achieve the highest level of pain control without the other. Anyone who suffers from chronic pain is likely to experience a certain amount of psychological trauma and emotional distress, which in turn may worsen the existing physical condition.

Our treatment plans typically include physical therapy, psychological therapy, aquatics, nutrition, massage, physical exercises, stretching, yoga, medication management, biofeedback, relaxation training and group therapy. In combination, each modality overlaps and provides a poignant effect on the patients future physical ability and psychological coping skills. As the Chronic Pain Recovery Center uses this multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary approach to treating the “Whole person”, the patient will have the best functional and pain control outcomes possible.